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What is prenatal child support?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2022 | Child Support |

Child support is something common that most people know about and understand, but if you end up in a situation where you and your child’s mother are not together before he or she is born, you may run into a different type of child support.

The Human Defense Initiative explains prenatal child support is money a father pays to help with the care of the mother and child during pregnancy.

What it is

Texas developed provisions related to prenatal child support in the late 1980s. Under the Uniform Parentage Act of the Texas Family Code, the state defines it as retroactive child support. It entitles the mother to ask for money to cover her expenses for prenatal and postnatal medical care needs and for those of the baby.

How it works

Prenatal child support can help to make sure that both parents accept responsibility for a child from the beginning. It is only a factor in cases where the mother and father are not in a marriage together. For married parents, the responsibility already exists.

A court will usually ensure a father pays for reasonable expenses and only a fair share. He will not usually have to fully pay, except in some rare situations. The mother will typically have to ask for prenatal child support by filing a court motion.

Examples of expenses

There are many expenses that may fall under prenatal or postnatal care. A court may order a father to pay part of the medical bills the mother and baby incurred during labor and delivery and for aftercare in the hospital. If the mother had other expenses pertaining to keeping the baby healthy during the pregnancy, these may also be something the court divides. Any special needs and associated costs are also in this category.