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Agreeing to certain child custody rules can mean less stress

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Child Custody |

Sadly, it is often children who face the challenges of divorce the most. So, when Texas parents make the decision to divorce, agreeing to certain child custody rules may make this huge life transition much easier on everyone. Making decisions regarding the most important issues affected by divorce can be difficult, but when it comes to children, if parents can agree to do what’s best for their kids, they have jumped the first hurdle.  

An effective co-parenting plan 

If parents can agree to co-parent their children, they should lay down some ground rules from the start, such as not speaking negatively about each other in front of the children. A family court judge will be more likely to accept whatever agreement parents have reached if they are civil toward each other. The judge will focus on the children and what is in their best interests, so parents who agree to put their children first may win the favor of a judge. 

There will always be a tie 

Former spouses who share children will always be tied together by the very existence of the children. Child custody hearings are about the children and giving them the best life possible with both their parents in their lives, if at all possible. Studies have shown that children thrive when they have positive relationships with both parents. There may be issues that crop up, but when parents stop, breathe and bring themselves back to what really matters — the children — they are much more likely to be successful co-parents. 

A certain amount of challenges will often arise in most custody matters. Not everything is black and white, and much depends on a family’s particular circumstances. Having an experienced family law attorney for guidance and support during these times can provide much-needed peace of mind and increase the odds of successfully navigating any unforeseen challenges that do arise.