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Should you try nesting?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Child Custody |

As parents, you want what is best for your children no matter what. As ex-spouses, you want to get some time and distance from one another in order to start recovering from the very difficult process of a divorce. Sometimes, these two desires and needs pose a conflict to one another.

In such instances, you could potentially try nesting instead. But just what is it? How does it work, and will it work for you?

How does nesting work?

Divorce Mag states that nesting holds many benefits. Nesting, named for the way that birds manage their own “homes”, allows parents to limit their contact with one another while also providing their child with more stability and comfort.

You accomplish this by keeping your child in the family home instead of sending them between you and your ex-spouse’s house for visitation. Instead, you and your ex-spouse will take turns living in the family home with your child. When not living in a family home, you can live in a private housing situation wherever you wish. You may want to rent a small apartment, or you could take temporary residence in a friend or family’s home.

What are the benefits?

This allows your child to enjoy the stability of home life, not having to worry about moving around or readjusting to new environments on top of every other change that divorce brings about. It also prevents them from having to deal with parental arguments, as you and your co-parent do not need to spend much time with each other.

Nesting does not work for everyone, but it can prove valuable in the cases where it does work. You may want to inquire more about it with legal help.