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A peaceful high asset divorce is doable

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | High Asset Divorce |

When a couple’s marriage is at its end and it’s time to start talking about the future, it doesn’t have to be in a contentious way. Even when there is a lot at stake and a couple is embroiled in a high asset divorce situation, the marriage can end amicably. If Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and his former wife Mackenzie could do it, so can couples living in Texas. Marriages don’t always have to end in a knock-down, tear-down fight. 

Another way to look at divorce 

Former high-powered couples like the already-mentioned Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos, and also Bill Gates and former wife, Melinda, approached divorce differently. They focused on the really big issues like property division without nasty bitterness. All parties involved got independent legal advice from attorneys and financial guidance from professionals to make sure their interests were protected.  

Seeking help independent of your spouse 

Many couples share the same professionals during their marriages — like lawyers, accountants and so on. One person could retain that help while the other entrusts someone else. Getting the help of a fiduciary adviser may also be wise. No matter who each person chooses, it’s crucial the client’s long-term best interests are a priority to the professionals over everything else. 

Divorce is typically not easy, and a high asset divorce can come with many more complexities and potential headaches, but it doesn’t always have to when spouses in Texas agree to act in the most cooperative manner possible for their unique situations. Couples who have retained independent professional help may be able to reach an amicable agreement without too many problems. Having a capable team of experts goes a long way to achieving the best divorce outcome as possible in a peaceful way.