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Paying directly for services regarding child support

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2021 | Child Support |

When parents divorce, it is up to both of them to ensure they do what is in the best interests of their children. However, some Texas couples may find themselves embroiled in issues concerning child support and what that exactly should cover. The one who pays child support may think some of these things are rather frivolous and doesn’t actually believe the money is going for what a co-parent says it is.  

Limiting disputes 

One way to keep disagreements and arguments over child support is having the payor pay for things directly, rather than paying the co-parent for something or reimbursing him or her later. This way costs still get covered. This sort of set up is known as an alternative child support solution. Some of the things for which support is earmarked could include food, clothes, shelter, entertainment, extracurricular activities, and medical expenses not covered by insurance.   

Less suspicion 

For example, say the children are in child care during the summer. Rather than saving receipts to work out who pays what, the payor and payee could simply agree to go in and pay for half each up front — or whatever percentage is indicated by a child support order. Doing things this way may avoid possible disputes and undue suspicion. 

Alternative ways of paying child support has been shown to make it easier for the payor who has to get documentation of payments to track all their costs. There are innovative ways to approach child support and to make it less difficult. It’s important to look into all options and to obtain independent legal advice.