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Showing your partner the benefits of a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The work you have put into your career and personal development is something you may feel eager to share with your partner. Getting married is an exciting time, but it is also important to protect your long-term well-being.

A prenuptial agreement can boost feelings of unity, respect and security in your marriage. It can give you reliable protection so you can focus on living each day without worry.

Determine responsibilities

One of the biggest adjustments for many newly married couples is the process of delegating responsibilities. Learning to share obligations and rewards with your partner may take time and patience. Financial responsibilities, in particular, can cause tension especially if you disagree about who controls certain aspects of the finances. Some topics you may want to discuss in your prenuptial include the following:

  • Arrangements regarding children from former relationships
  • Management of business endeavors
  • Control of investment opportunities
  • Decisions about alimony in the event of a divorce

Having some clarification on who will manage which responsibilities can take a bit of guessing out of your relationship. With clear expectations of each other, your prenuptial can serve as a contractual agreement to encourage mutual understanding and responsibility.

Protect assets

Regardless of how much work you put into building your assets, a divorce could undermine your success significantly. Often, courts will require that you split your assets with your partner even if you did a majority of the work acquiring what you have. You can use a prenuptial to determine who will maintain ownership of assets including real estate, investments and inheritances. According to U.S. News, a prenuptial can provide substantial protection for business owners as well.

You can remind your partner that you care deeply about both your well-being and that a prenuptial will contribute to feelings of reassurance. Approaching a discussion with a sincere desire to understand and empathize with your partner can set the tone for a rewarding outcome. Disclosing the benefits of a prenuptial to your spouse may provide clarity and encourage participation.