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January 2020 Archives

Sole custody: Reasons a Texas judge might rule in your favor

When Texas parents decide to divorce, they typically understand that their decision is going to have a significant impact on their children's lives. Many parents want to make the process as painless as possible, so they agree to file a no-fault divorce, then amicably workout the terms of their agreements. In other cases, however, an extenuating issue might prompt a concerned parent to file for sole custody of his or her children.

Keep child custody litigation and your child's therapist separate

Children are typically resilient and can adapt to new lifestyles after divorce when they understand that they are not to blame and that their parents love them and want to support them as they process their emotions. However, many parents in Texas and elsewhere have found it helpful to enlist additional support from outside sources, such as their child's teachers, guidance counselors, or, in some cases, licensed therapists. If a child is seeing a therapist, it might be a mistake for parents to try to drag him or her into their child custody litigation.

High net worth divorce: Issues of concern for many women

There are many reasons why a Texas couple might decide to end their marriage. Sometimes, financial issues are a big factor although most advisers say the decision to divorce should not be solely based on money. Especially in a high net worth divorce, financial matters may be of particular concern, however. It is helpful to carefully review finances and to know where to seek advice and support before heading to court in a high asset divorce.

13 arrested for non-payment of child support

When two parents in Texas are not in a relationship with one another, one of them may be responsible for providing financial support to the other. This typically happens when one parent has primary custody of shared children and is therefore responsible for their day-to-day needs. Sometimes, the paying parent neglects to make proper child support payments. The reasons for doing so may be understandable, but they don't change the fact that children need those funds. One out-of-state county recently decided to crack down on parents who aren't making proper payments by launching an operation to target the issue.

A prenuptial agreement may predetermine who gets the family pet

Many couples across the state who choose to wait to have children or decide not to have children at all make a significant financial and emotional investment in their "fur babies" -- and this trend is nationwide, not just here in Texas. Their pets are their children and that does not change even if they do end up having kids at some point. For this reason, individuals about to be married are increasingly using a prenuptial agreement to address what happens to the family pet should a divorce occur.

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