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Potential sale of robotics company may affect high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

Divorce is often a difficult process for anyone here in Texas. Those who have a high level of assets may find it to be particularly challenging. It can be tough to determine the right way to divide assets, particularly if the married couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. There are even instances where one spouse may attempt to hide or shield assets from the other spouse so that it is not subject to the divorce agreement. This is what one woman alleges about her husband, saying that he is attempting to sell off his robotics company for less than it is worth ahead of their high asset divorce.

The husband is one of the people who wrote a portion of the original code for Google. He also founded a robotics company that his wife claims he is trying to sell to an overseas company. She alleges that the $400,000 he wants to sell it for is not nearly what the startup company is worth. She believes that the company is worth at least tens of millions of dollars, perhaps even hundreds of millions.

The woman filed an injunction to attempt to prevent the sale of the robotics company. She says that her husband didn’t have the assets of the company valued and that he didn’t take enough time to find a suitable offer from another company, as well as several other perceived wrongful acts. She claims that she co-owns 600,000 shares of the company and that she can sue him as a shareholder.

This case shows just how contentious a high-asset divorce can be at times. Those here in Texas who have significant assets and are considering divorce may want to enlist the assistance of a legal professional with experience in handling high asset divorce cases. Doing so may be the best way to ensure that all parties involved are treated fairly.