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Parents in one county receive help for back child support

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Child Support |

For parents, the most important consideration in their lives is ensuring that their children receive everything they need to thrive in life. Unfortunately, many parents experience difficulty in either making or receiving child support monies in a timely manner. Texas parents who are struggling in this area may have a basis for requesting modifications to their orders in certain circumstances.

In many states, there are a series of increasingly negative consequences for parents who fall further behind in their payments. One of the tools states use to encourage parents to make their payments is to suspend their driving privileges. Unfortunately, parents who lose their driving licenses are often hampered in their efforts to maintain employment, thereby falling even further behind in supporting their children.

In an effort to help parents who find themselves in this unpleasant situation, one county started a program to help parents who wish to try to catch up in their arrears. Those who can commit to an affordable payment towards reducing their balances will have their licenses restored. According to the program’s guidelines, parents will not be required to bring their accounts current as long as they consistently make the agreed upon payment amounts. 

If parents fail to uphold their payment agreement, their licenses will be subject to suspension once again. County officials reassured parents that they do not necessarily have to provide employment and permanent residency information in order to qualify for the program. While Texas is not currently offering this type of program, parents may be able to find relief through a modification to their current child support agreements. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in petitioning the family courts for a temporary modification when circumstances merit such actions.