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How to handle child custody during the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Child Custody |

Many families here in Texas and around the country are gearing up for the winter holidays. That could mean travel, shopping for gifts or get-togethers with extended family. For some, it means working around a child custody schedule to give parents the determined parenting time with kids. Some families have no trouble navigating through, but others have difficulty for many reasons. Experts have advice for parents who are trying to have time with their kids while sticking to a custody schedule during the holidays.

Making a schedule that makes sense for everyone involved is the best way to handle parenting time during the holidays. Some families find that it makes sense for each parent to have custody of their children during the holiday on alternating years. Others decide to split the time equally. Their choices may be contingent on several factors, such as how old the children are, what each parent’s religious beliefs happen to be and even what parenting time looks like for other breaks during the school year. In any case, having the parenting time schedule legally documented may save parents a lot of confusion or unhappiness.

The next question parents often encounter is how to handle gift-giving at the holidays. If the parents have a good relationship, this is often easier, as both may have to coordinate who will be buying certain gifts and, if Santa Claus is a part of the family’s season, whose house he will visit. If the relationship between the parents isn’t amicable, it may be more difficult, but it is advisable for parents to cooperate as much as they can. 

For those here in Texas who want to create or modify an existing custody agreement, the best solution may be to involve an attorney with experience in family law and child custody matters. However a family decides to handle custody around the holidays, it is possible for everyone to have a good experience. Families can focus on making lasting, happy memories for their children when legal matters are sufficiently outlined.