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Amicable high net worth divorce is possible

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

When Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, Mackenzie, announced they were divorcing after more than 20 years of marriage, it may have been expected that the division would be protracted and bitter. Surprisingly, the couple were able to obtain their high net worth divorce in an amicable manner. Texas residents who may be contemplating filing their own complex divorce may find that their own dissolution could be obtained without undue fighting.

The movie “War of the Roses” featured a wealthy couple who were caught up in the agony of a long, bitter divorce. Fortunately, the Bezos and other celebrity couples are demonstrating a new approach toward divorce. Couples who are able to focus on the important issues, such as custody and property division, may be able to get through the process without undue acrimony. Many of these couples benefit from the guidance of financial professionals who can ensure that each party is protected.

Couples who have shared a financial advisor may be uncomfortable with remaining with the same professional. Finding a new professional may be the best solution for those who will be dividing considerable assets. It is further recommended that one select a professional who is expected to put the best interest of his or her client over the possibility of earning a profit. A fiduciary adviser is one who is required to work from the client’s perspective.

The prospect of filing for a high net worth divorce may feel like a daunting process. However, focusing on the matters related to children and property may allow the parties to find common ground rather than go to war over issues that can be resolved in a more productive manner. Texas residents who choose to work with an experienced attorney as well as financial professionals may be able to reach an agreeable settlement that will best meet their needs now and in the future.