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December 2019 Archives

Potential sale of robotics company may affect high asset divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process for anyone here in Texas. Those who have a high level of assets may find it to be particularly challenging. It can be tough to determine the right way to divide assets, particularly if the married couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. There are even instances where one spouse may attempt to hide or shield assets from the other spouse so that it is not subject to the divorce agreement. This is what one woman alleges about her husband, saying that he is attempting to sell off his robotics company for less than it is worth ahead of their high asset divorce.

How to handle child custody during the holiday season

Many families here in Texas and around the country are gearing up for the winter holidays. That could mean travel, shopping for gifts or get-togethers with extended family. For some, it means working around a child custody schedule to give parents the determined parenting time with kids. Some families have no trouble navigating through, but others have difficulty for many reasons. Experts have advice for parents who are trying to have time with their kids while sticking to a custody schedule during the holidays.

Parents in one county receive help for back child support

For parents, the most important consideration in their lives is ensuring that their children receive everything they need to thrive in life. Unfortunately, many parents experience difficulty in either making or receiving child support monies in a timely manner. Texas parents who are struggling in this area may have a basis for requesting modifications to their orders in certain circumstances.

Amicable high net worth divorce is possible

When Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, Mackenzie, announced they were divorcing after more than 20 years of marriage, it may have been expected that the division would be protracted and bitter. Surprisingly, the couple were able to obtain their high net worth divorce in an amicable manner. Texas residents who may be contemplating filing their own complex divorce may find that their own dissolution could be obtained without undue fighting.

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