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Many worry over division of marital assets, money after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2019 | Property Division |

Women often find themselves choosing to remain in an unhappy marriage rather than face financial hardship. Those who sacrifice their careers to raise a family, often find it difficult to re-enter the workforce. As a result, these Texas  residents are understandably concerned about how the division of marital assets would impact their financial future if they choose to file for a divorce.

In spite of the fact that many people have to adjust their lifestyles after their marriage, most have no regrets. One suggestion to improve post-divorce finances is to become informed about all marital assets before a divorce. When only one partner handles the household’s monetary affairs, it leaves the other spouse at a disadvantage when it comes time to split assets. Those who have not taken an active role in the financial aspect of the marriage may need to take time to become educated about the assets available and gather information regarding how to budget for separate households.

It is recommended that one work closely with financial professionals who can work with a trusted attorney. This team can ensure that a settlement agreement takes into account all of the known and unexpected expenses that often come up when running a household and raising a family. Having a clear picture of how alimony and child support can affect financial well-being can be a vital part of structuring a settlement that will best meet current and future needs.

In addition, how close one is to retirement age and whether there will be college expenses will also have an impact on the division of marital assets. Though some may feel that remaining in a difficult marriage is the best financial decision, knowledge can supply the power one needs to end an untenable relationship. Texas residents may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney who can help guide them in structuring a financially sound settlement agreement.