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May 2019 Archives

Political figure ordered to pay back child support or face jail

Regardless of one's profession, the obligation to help provide for one's children is one of the most important matters in life. Though the majority of parents make every effort to ensure that they are in compliance with child support orders, there are parents who find themselves falling behind in these vital payments. Texas parents who are in need of assistance with either making payments or collecting these monies may seek relief through the family courts.

Some couples may benefit from a different prenuptial agreement

The decision to move in together is not one that most couples take lightly. Regardless of whether the decision is part of getting married, couples often must make adjustments in learning to tolerate or accept differences in taste and style when it comes to personal property. Texas residents who are either getting married or taking the next step by choosing to co-habitate may benefit from signing a different type of prenuptial agreement.

USDA takes steps to help improve child support compliance

Studies show that the poverty rate for children from single-parent families is significantly higher than for children who live in two-parent homes. Though there are measures that have varying success in ensuring that custodial parents receive child support payments, more may need to be done to improve the lives of these children. Texas residents who rely on assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) may also benefit from increased compliance with child support orders.

Discussion and compromise suggested for some childcare expenses

When parents divorce, working out issues over child custody and support may be one of the hardest negotiation points. In general, these orders are based on the parent's ability to pay along with which parent will spend the most time with the child. However, in spite of the most equitable agreements possible, there will likely be unexpected childcare expenses that Texas residents did not include in their settlement. 

4 Key lessons for a high net worth divorce

When the Bezos' announced their impending divorce, the story was carried on every news outlet. Though there have been many high net worth divorce filings among the wealthy and newsworthy, this one garnered much attention based on the value of the assets on the line. However, there are four key points from this divorce that may serve any Texas resident. 

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