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Artist forced to pay child support arrears for teen daughter

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Child Support |

Most parents work hard to ensure that their children are provided with everything they need to be healthy and succeed in life. In single-parent families, the courts typically order the noncustodial parent to make regular child support payments to help supplement what is provided by the primary caregiver. Texas parents who are experiencing difficulty in meeting their child’s needs may seek assistance from the courts.

Recently, the Attorney General in one state announced that the state had finally obtained back child support from one man who was purportedly an estimated $29,000 in arrears. The father, Richard T. Sloane, who is a renowned artist, made the payments that were reportedly overdue for the past decade. The man is the father of a 14-year-old girl who resides with her mother.

According to the AG’s statement, the mother and daughter have been receiving assistance from the state, while the absent father has supposedly been investing in million dollar homes in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Sloane has received commissions to paint portraits of various celebrities and other prominent figures in politics and the sporting world. It is unknown why the artist had not been meeting his support obligations before being forced to do so by Michigan officials.

In Michigan and in Texas, deliberately failing to meet court-ordered child support obligations can be categorized as a felony. Parents can be held in contempt and sentenced to jail for not providing these vital monies to their dependent children. It is unclear why Sloane was able to avoid these payments for a period of 10 years. Texas residents who are struggling to either receive or make timely payments as required may be able to seek assistance. An experienced attorney can provide information on filing a petition for enforcing or making modifications to current orders.