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Baseball star, Miguel Cabrera, child support case resolved

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Child Support |

Those who earn a living under the watchful eye of the public often find that their private lives are subject to public discourse. This also applies to such private matters as child support and custody cases. Though, he does not play for a Texas team, fans may have heard that Miguel Cabrera’s child support case has been settled.

The baseball star has been ordered to finish paying for the mortgage on the home that he purchased for the mother of the children that the pair had together. The home’s mortgage is reportedly estimated to be $1 million. In addition to paying off the house, child support payments were established at $20,000 a month. The mother, with whom Cabrera has fathered two children, was supposedly seeking $100,000 per month in support.

Along with ordering the support, which is due the first of every month, Cabrera must provide medical, vision, dental and prescription insurance coverage for his children. He is also charged with providing all educational needs, including tuition for private schools, as well as all uniform and extracurricular activities expenses. In addition, he must ensure that these two children receive comparable vacations and gifts as what he provides for his three children that he is raising with his wife.

The athlete must also provide season passes to popular Florida resorts for the children, including SeaWorld, Disney attractions and science centers. He must also pay for the mother’s legal fees and maintain life insurance policies until the youngest child becomes of legal age. The judge did deny the mother’s request for college tuition. While the majority of Texas residents will not be required to meet such costly expenses, the battle over child support is often a contentious subject that is difficult for parents to resolve on their own. Either may seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help arrange an agreeable solution that will best meet the needs of the child.