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Prenuptial agreement can lead to peace of mind

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Millennials in Texas, like so many generations before them, have traits that are unique to them. Maybe because they have seen so many changes in their young lives they seem to have more unique traits than prior generations. They don’t know about life before the internet and few of them remember a time before smart phones. They are a very entrepreneurial generation and are choosing to marry later. In addition, more of them are getting married with a prenuptial agreement in place.

These last two traits may help explain the rise in the number of prenuptial agreements being drawn up. This generation is waiting longer to get married and are putting more emphasis on establishing careers. As many of these careers are entrepreneurial in nature, there is a desire to protect the young business.

In addition to protecting a business, today’s young people may also have learned a lesson from their parents generation. While they may believe the marriage they’re embarking on will last forever, they want some financial protection, just in case. One of the biggest concerns when couples are setting up prenups is the division of debt. Debt is not as easily divided as assets.

A marriage in Texas should be one of the happiest times in the lives of a young couple, but it does not alleviate the need for the individuals to protect property and assets. A couple considering marriage might be wise to consult with a family law attorney regarding establishing a prenuptial agreement. The agreement allows the individuals to clearly identify the assets and liabilities each brings to the relationship. A prenup can provide peace of mind.