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Technology, privacy and complex divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Computers, telephones, tablets and other electronic devices have replaced traditional forms of communication and document storage for many Texas residents. In many instances, married couples share accounts or at least passwords; they also may have their devices synced so that they can quickly and easily share information. However, when this is the case, and the couple finds themselves involved in a complex divorce, these same devices can become a privacy concern for the individual.

One of the first steps the individual will want to take is to change his or her email password. The reason this should be the first step is that when passwords are changed on other accounts, an email notifying the individual of the change is typically sent. Unless the email password has been changed, it is possible that the unintended spouse may have access to this notification. Once this has been accomplished, passwords on the other devices and accounts should be changed.

In addition to changing passwords, one will want to exercise caution where devices, such as a cell phone or tablet, are left unattended. It is possible that the soon-to-be former spouse is able to access these devices and pry into the individual’s calendar, messages and email. Additionally, many devices will post notifications on the screen that are visible without the need for a password. This can also be a privacy concern for the individual.

In a complex divorce, the Texas resident often must rely upon technology to send and receive important messages and data. These devices can allow the individual privacy just about anywhere. However, this privacy is only as good as the security maintained on the devices.