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Nontraditional child custody arrangements are keeping kids happy

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Child Custody |

A divorce can be upsetting for the adults involved, and it can also be traumatic for children who happen to be a part of the confusing and guilt provoking event. The separation of parents can often leave kids wondering how their new lives will look once everything is said and done. Texas parents going through a divorce may be able to ease the stress and burden of uncertainty for their children by considering nontraditional child custody options.

Nontraditional custody arrangements are beginning to make big leaps in the world of divorces with children. Many parents are trying to find ways to keep the children happy and as stable as possible while battling through the divorce with the other spouse. Mediators and often judges will now encourage parents to come up with a parenting plan that fits the needs and wants of the family members involved.

For some parents, remaining in the same house after the split, continuing to eat dinner and share family time, is a way for the family to keep normalcy for the children after a divorce. One family purchased a house for their two teenage children to live in, while the parents moved in and out of the house. Even though these arrangements may seem odd to some, they are gaining traction as the custody of the children shifts from sole custody going to the mother or father to a cooperative parenting plan where the kids see the least impact.

A divorce between parents does not have to mean a divorce of the children from the life they have always known. Nontraditional child custody arrangements allow for the children to remain in the home they have always known and still have equal access to both parents. Seeking the guidance of a Texas attorney in these circumstances can help a parent to keep the focus on the family, especially the children.

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