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Can a prenuptial agreement dictate who gets the engagement ring?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Divorce is something that most Texas couples don’t consider when they are happily engaged and planning a wedding. As many know, divorce can sometimes be the unfortunate result of a relationship that no longer is fulfilling for one or both spouses. Should a prenuptial agreement be in place, the parties can go their separate ways and have a sense of direction once a marriage has ended.

Jennifer Aniston has known her fair share of love and loss. Her recent marriage to Justin Theroux has recently been declared a separation in news outlets, but those close to the couple claim the relationship has been a rocky one most of 2017. Many say that Justin would have been happy not ever getting married; suggesting that a piece of paper made no difference to him. But a prenuptial agreement, an often important piece of paper, may mean a lot more to both parties.

Now that the couple are heading for a divorce, their property will be divided according to the stipulations in their prenup. But what about that gigantic rock of an engagement ring? Reportedly, the engagement ring was Jennifer’s prior to the couple tying the knot, which therefore made the ring her separate property.

For many Texas couples, seeking a prenuptial agreement is important in laying a strong foundation for the marriage. This contract, which is typically handled by the respective attorneys for the parties, specifies what is premarital property and what becomes of the income and assets gained during the marriage. This legally binding agreement allows many couples to enter and leave a marriage with full knowledge of what his or future will hold should a divorce occur subsequently.

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