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February 2018 Archives

Are frozen embryos considered property during a Texas divorce?

Many Texas couples face the heartbreaking reality of infertility. But advances in reproductive technology, invitro fertilization and other fertility alternatives have allowed many couples to become parents using artificial means. The question can arise as to what to do with embryos should the couple divorce or separate.

Texas mother violates child custody order and flees the country

Divorce usually means a complete and total separation of one person from another. For couples who have children, that separation never truly comes unless one parent chooses to leave the child's life and the other parent. For parents who choose to remain in their child's life, the process of setting up and enforcing child custody arrangements can be a sore spot, especially when one parent has family ties in other states or countries. Many Texas parents are finding that those who have the means and support to flee the country may just do so, taking the children with them, regardless of court orders or a pending divorce.

Overpayment of child support leads to investigation

A Texas family court dictates the amount of financial support a noncustodial parent is obligated to pay. Modifications to child support agreements can be made, but only through legal means. Changes that are made without the authorization of the court can lead to missed payments, interest accrual and possible jail time. But what happens when a parent is continually garnished for payments after the child has become emancipated?

Owning a business can create a complex divorce

Many Texas entrepreneurs build their wealth with a spouse. Working side-by-side, they find a niche in a market and work together to build a dream. As time passes, the relationship may start to unravel, and the couple may be looking at filing for a divorce. Untangling years of a intimate relationship can be painstakingly frustrating and time consuming, but when a privately owned business is one of the assets, one may find it difficult to objectively look at the possibility of a complex divorce.

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