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Wanting a prenuptial agreement doesn’t make one the bad guy

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The word “prenup” used to have many negative associations. The thought of gold diggers and those who would leave an unsuspecting partner financially devastated often spring to mind. Recently, having a prenuptial agreement or even bringing up the idea is no longer so taboo. Many young Texas couples see the agreement as a financial must if they are planning on getting married. But how does one approach the subject without sounding like a selfish, money-grubbing tightwad?

One suggestion is to bring up the subject while still dating. This allows a person to gauge the reaction of his or her partner and handle the situation accordingly. Discussing a prenup often brings along feelings of tension and doubt within the relationship, but discussing the future of the finances should the relationship end can bring peace of mind for both parties.

When the tension that broaching such a sensitive subject can bring, it is important to prepare and have the discussion honestly. This can help one’s partner to understand the purpose of the agreement and how it can help untangle a personally vested relationship with the needs of both taken care of in the end. Working on drafting the agreement together may help to ease some of the worries that can come along with it.

Even though a prenuptial agreement has become more commonplace, the uncertainty that one spouse can have regarding the use one still exists. Having the conversation with one’s partner before entertaining the idea marriage can help save a lot of stress and unnecessary heartache should the relationship end in a divorce. Although drafting a prenuptial agreement together is advised, each partner should have his or her own Texas attorney review the document for legality and logistics.

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