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The division of marital assets in Texas spikes in January

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Property Division |

Many Texas family law attorneys and court officials know that January is a busy month. Divorce filings drastically increase with the new year and the resolutions made by many to make some changes in their lives. These changes may include seeking marriage counseling or simply parting ways from a spouse with whom issues just cannot be resolved. Regardless of the reason, understanding how the division of marital assets will go is important to making sure that one leaves the union with what is rightfully his or hers.

Many marriage therapists cite January as the month where action is taken by many of those wanting to make changes within a relationship, whether for the better or the worse. One counselor has noted that the seven-year itch contributes to the need to clean one’s life of courtships or marriages that seem to be on the continuous bottom of the happy roller coaster. Add to an unhappy marriage or relationship the stress and overspending of the holidays, and January becomes the new starting-over month for many reasons.

The holidays and overspending that often comes with them are not the only noted reasons that push many couples to seek counseling or a divorce. Children are a blessing, yes, but for a marriage that is already struggling to find a strong foothold, kids can create a slick mountainside along an already slippery slope. Complicating the matter can be the exhaustion that raising kids, paying bills and keeping up with a home can add as intimacy falls and frustration climbs.

Regardless of the reason or the season, a divorce or separation may be a necessity for a couple who feels like they can no longer live and work together toward a future together. When dissolving the marriage has become the only solution, contacting a Texas lawyer is usually the next step. An experienced family law attorney can help one to understand the steps involved in filing for a divorce and the division of marital assets to make sure that when one leaves the marriage, community property is divided appropriately.

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