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Child custody negotiations have begun for Dwight Howard’s son

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Child Custody |

Texas parents can likely attest to the expense required when raising children. The expense can be difficult for parents who are left to manage the day-to-day costs for their children without the other parent’s involvement. Parents often formally seek child support through family law court to ensure consistent financial assistance for their children. The mother of basketball player Dwight Howard has officially requested full child custody of their son and is expected to also request child support.

The NBA basketball player fathered a child with Melissa Rios. The child is four, and the mother claims their son has lived with her since his birth. In her view, Dwight’s basketball career has made it difficult for him to spend adequate time with their son, and it will continue to interfere, making her the more available parent. She has requested full legal and physical custody to formally establish the custody arrangement that she believes already naturally exists.

Dwight’s salary of $23 million a year is expected to be a key component in the amount of child support that Melissa is awarded if her request for custody is granted. Reportedly Dwight has already financially supported his son in many ways. He claims to pay for school tuition, medical expenses, a motor vehicle and offered to purchase a home for his son.

Parents often have conflicting parenting styles and conflicting views on how to raise a child. During child custody disputes, those differences can make the process more difficult. Texas family law attorneys can assist any parent through child custody hearings and guide them through to the best approach during a sensitive time.

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