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January 2018 Archives

Considering small stuff for property division during a divorce

No Texas couple is safe from a potential divorce, regardless of how the marriage starts or where the couple lives. The life that is built by two people becomes entangled in every aspect and going through the process of property division can be overwhelming. The house, cars, furniture, jewelry and other items are obvious for cataloging and dividing, but what about some of the not so obvious items, like airline miles and hotel points?

Wanting a prenuptial agreement doesn't make one the bad guy

The word "prenup" used to have many negative associations. The thought of gold diggers and those who would leave an unsuspecting partner financially devastated often spring to mind. Recently, having a prenuptial agreement or even bringing up the idea is no longer so taboo. Many young Texas couples see the agreement as a financial must if they are planning on getting married. But how does one approach the subject without sounding like a selfish, money-grubbing tightwad?

Child custody negotiations have begun for Dwight Howard's son

Texas parents can likely attest to the expense required when raising children. The expense can be difficult for parents who are left to manage the day-to-day costs for their children without the other parent's involvement. Parents often formally seek child support through family law court to ensure consistent financial assistance for their children. The mother of basketball player Dwight Howard has officially requested full child custody of their son and is expected to also request child support.

The division of marital assets in Texas spikes in January

Many Texas family law attorneys and court officials know that January is a busy month. Divorce filings drastically increase with the new year and the resolutions made by many to make some changes in their lives. These changes may include seeking marriage counseling or simply parting ways from a spouse with whom issues just cannot be resolved. Regardless of the reason, understanding how the division of marital assets will go is important to making sure that one leaves the union with what is rightfully his or hers.

Prenuptial agreement leaves one ex with $12 million

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for many Americans. For whatever reason, the relationship between spouses breaks down and the only remaining option is to leave the union and move on with one's life. Many wealthy people have in place a prenuptial agreement to help ensure that, should the tie that binds be severed, they will remain in the same financial state as before the vows were spoken. These agreements are just as valuable and advisable for those who have not attained celebrity status or accumulated millions in assets. With a prenuptial agreement in place, Texas courts will have less say over the division of assets in the event of divorce or death.  

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