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Texas couples see the positives of getting a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

With pending nuptials, many couples shudder to think about bringing up finances unless it is to talk about the wedding. But discussing money and assets, both separate and what will soon become joint, is a crucial step for many newly-engaged couples. Instead of thinking any negativity associated with a prenuptial agreement, many Texas couples are focusing more on the positive and promising aspects that having one can bring to a relationship.

The first positive aspect of a successful agreement is the honesty and transparency that this type of agreement can provide. Sitting with one’s soon-to-be spouse and each party’s attorney while laying everything out in the open is often challenging, but important. Planning for the future, especially should one spouse pass away or a divorce occur, can lay the ground work for an easier transition should the unfortunate occur.

Focusing on building wealth together instead of how to separate it will help couples to solidify the dream of a future. Death is a reality and divorce is fairly common, but couples can financially prepare for the possibility of divorce and the reality of death through a prenuptial agreement. Using the sound advice of one’s legal counsel will help to clear up any confusion and help to ensure that both partners are set for the foreseeable future.

Prenuptial agreements lay the ground work for a future marriage that takes into consideration all possibilities.  The death of a spouse is inevitable, and a divorce could unfortunately occur. With the use of a prenuptial agreement, Texas couples considering marriage have in place a plan to help secure their financial future.

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