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Texas parents urge children to consider a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Many work their entire lives and save to accrue a savings and some assets. These assets are usually then left to any children once the owner passes on. Sometimes, the wealth one has worked so hard to achieve can be snatched away from the child whom it was intended for should a divorce occur. Urging engaged children to consider a prenuptial agreement could save the wealth that Texas parents worked so hard to pass on.

Once one’s child has entered into a serious relationship where marriage is being considered, bringing up the option of a prenuptial agreement may be a wise. This agreement, which is usually drawn up by an attorney, can keep the family’s assets in the family should the relationship break down and help to protect one’s future inheritance should a divorce happen. A prenuptial agreement can also help keep any personal assets for one’s child prior to the marriage out of the divorce.

Also, one should consider using a neutral trustee, who can help create a wall between one’s child and his or her spouse, especially if the spouse is manipulative. The trustee keeps the child’s best interests in mind with regards to the inheritance. The trustee is also able to help keep family wealth from a child’s spouse during a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement that is written and executed by an experienced Texas attorney can help safeguard a family’s wealth. Children who may have a substantial inheritance when their parents pass may wish to explore this option prior to tying the knot. Should the marriage end in divorce, one’s inherited wealth can be preserved.

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