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Texas fathers are fighting back in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

Whether the divorce of a Texas couple is amicable or not, the process of dissolving a marriage is often very difficult for the adults and little ones involved. Child custody is often a point of contention for both parents, and children are simply caught in the middle. Often custody is given to the mother, but Texas fathers are fighting back and gaining some ground when a child custody battle ensues.

Some dads go into court prepared with records of the time they have spent alone with their children after the separation has taken place. Being able to provide a judge with a log of the dates and activities shared with the kids helps to show consistency and the depth of involvement that the father has. Providing receipts of any financial support provided to the kids that has not been court ordered also helps the judge to see monetary support.

Even when the emotions run high in a custody battle, keeping cool and collected is important. Avoiding verbal or physical confrontations with an ex-spouse, especially in front of the children, is crucial. When dads can separate their emotions towards the other parent from their relationship with their children, the best interests of the children are kept in the forefront, and judges usually see this.

Whether the divorce is amicable or not, it remains a trying time for parents and children alike. The unfair assumption that mothers are the only suitable parent for the children to remain with after a divorce is one that is fading out. Fathers who are active in the care and lives of their children have the opportunity to continue to do so. With the aid of a Texas attorney, fathers can seek full or shared child custody.

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