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Sole custody can be awarded in Texas if one parent flees

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Child Custody |

When divorce or separation become the next logical step in a suffering or unhappy Texas union, emotions can run high. When children are involved in the relationship, some parents have the ability to work out the differences and place the needs and best interests of the child first. Others feel that sole custody is the only answer and resort to illegal measures to keep the child from the other parent. 

A young mother and her parents could be looking at prison time in the near future. After the divorce of the 19-year-old and her ex-husband, the parents learned of the judge’s order for shared custody. Not wanting to share the custody of the 1-year-old with his father, the parents helped the daughter to flee the state with baby.

The parents then reported the woman and her child missing. Four months later, mother and child were found unharmed in another state. During the search for the mother and the baby, the ex-husband was awarded sole custody of the baby.

If a Texas resident should find him or herself in the midst of a divorce or separation with a partner, and child custody is an issue, it is often in the best interest of the concerned parent to seek the legal counsel of an experienced family law attorney. If the situation arises that a child is being intentionally kept from one parent, aggressive legal action may be required to seek sole custody. Understanding the parental rights of all involved and completing and filing the necessary paper work can set in motion the steps needed to help protect the parent and child during the divorce or separation.

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