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Seeking legal advice for a toxic Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Relationships come to an end for many reasons. When a Texas couple decides that they can no longer foresee a future together, separating may be the next logical step. As the marriage ends, most will agree that an amicable divorce is in the best interest of both parties. Sometimes, one spouse may become impossible to work with and make the process of severing all ties with them hurtful, emotionally draining and time-consuming.

During an emotional separation, one spouse may become confrontational and verbally and emotionally abusive. In their need to “win,” they may begin to use tactics that can drag out court proceedings and cause undue distress to the other spouse. Hiding assets, using the children to hurt the other parent and making pretty much any interaction unpleasant and emotionally exhausting are just some of the tactics an abusive spouse may rely upon.

To help deal with this narcissistic behavior, there are a few things that the other spouse can do. Having all communication take place in a written form, whether through text messages or email, may be the most obvious option. This information could then also be used in court should the need present itself. If there is a fear about personal safety, obtaining a restraining order may be necessary.

Divorce can bring the worst out in some people. A few simple steps taken now can help smooth the process. Collecting financial data as soon as possible can help to avoid assets and funds being withheld or hidden by the other party. Seeking legal counsel from a Texas family law attorney early in the process may be invaluable.

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