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A complex divorce can bring out the worst in Texas residents

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Child Custody |

Many Texas couples build their lives and wealth as a team. Working together, they find a need in a market and work tireless hours to turn an idea into a tangible product. Building the dream and the financial empire can take years and sometimes an emotional toll on couples. Some fair better than others, and the relationship deepens and the respect and love grow along with the business. In some cases, as such with a couple who is filing for divorce after 67 years of marriage, overtime, the relationship breaks down and the marriage dissolves, leaving attorneys to manage the complex divorce.

An 88-year-old woman in another state has recently filed for divorce from her long time husband. She cites infidelity and verbal abuse as the main reasons for severing the ties. The 89-year-old husband refuses to believe that his once very adored wife has any reason to divorce him.

Shortly after the initial divorce filing, he sued his three grown children, alleging they persuaded their mother to file for the divorce to gain control over the family’s $750 million in real estate holdings. The children counter-sued saying their father swindled them out of $8 million. To complicate matters, the wife’s attorney is urging the judge to grant the divorce and sort the financials out later due to the couple’s age. As the woman is in general good health, the motion was denied.

A complex divorce such as this can be time-consuming and draw out the worst behavior in all parties involved. With the use of compromise and collaboration, the division of the estate could be completed with the best interests and wishes of both parties involved. When mediation isn’t a viable or feasible option, with the assistance of a Texas attorney, those seeking a divorce can have the expertise of a knowledgeable individual to help ensure that they might receive their fair portions of assets.

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