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Is a social media prenuptial agreement right for Texas couples?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Divorces can be messy and spouses can sometimes turn to unfavorable tactics when emotionally hurt. With the ever increasing popularity of social media, the opportunity to seek vengeance in a very public way may seem like a means to achieve personal justice without having to physically be present with the other person. Many Texas attorneys are urging newly engaged couples to look at a social media prenuptial agreement.

Recently, many divorce attorneys have noticed an increase in social media bashing for couples either prior to a divorce or while the couple is going through one. This type of public shaming or degrading can really wreak havoc on a person’s reputation. The posting of unflattering or shameful pictures and certain comments can really harm a person and be seen by family members and prospective employers. What was once a private matter has now been aired for the world to see and share .

Many attorneys and divorce mediators are suggesting that couples consider a social media prenup to help spell out clearly what is and is not allowed with regard to social media posting. Certain comments, posting of pictures or dates can be spelled out clearly, creating a clear picture of what is not to be shared or aired via social media. A predetermined set of penalties for the spouse who breaks the rules can help ease anger and hurt that public bashing can cause. Possible repercussions for breaking the contract could include a decrease in the amount of spousal support or a smaller portion of the marital estate one might have received.

When a marriage dissolves, sometimes the reasons are mutual and the couple simply parts ways. Other marital discord that leads to divorce can stem from an unfaithful spouse or hurt feelings as the result of another emotional trespass that can leave one feeling hurt, shamed, resentful or angry. These feelings can lead some couples going through a divorce to take to the keyboard to ruin the accused. A Texas attorney who understands the purpose of a prenuptial agreement can help couples to clearly outline the expectations as well as the division of property and assets should a marriage go south.

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