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Child custody in Texas doesn’t have to alienate a parent

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Child Custody |

When a Texas marriage dissolves, the life that once was is often broken apart, and piece by piece, divided and made into something that the now single ex-spouse can use towards making a new life. With material things, this is sometimes the easiest part. When children are involved and child custody cannot be worked out between the two parents, the stakes are higher and the tactics can sometimes be down right vicious. As of late, a new trend is coming to light that has recently divorced and now single parents very worried.

Many divorces are settled amicably and do not require intervention from the courts. In the case where abuse is alleged, by either spouse, the aggressor may claim that the other parent is alienating them from their children. When estrangement is claimed, the judge is sometimes swayed and the outcome of the case can change drastically.

The real issue comes down to the abuse. If the abuse, whether physical or emotional, occurred, the court is obligated to look at the facts surrounding the allegations and rule based on the best interests of the child. Opponents of Parental Alienation Syndrome say that abusers are using this to negate the claim of abuse and gain custody and further exert control over the disintegrating marital situation.

Regardless of the accusation of alienation, Texas residents who find themselves in an abhorrent child custody battle can benefit from the aid of a skilled family law attorney. If needed, the attorney can arrange for a mediator who can help provide a setting to allow for calm negotiations between parents. These agreements can lead to better communication and a positive relationship with each parent and their children.

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