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When child custody issues arise at school

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Child Custody |

Although every Texas family is different, one thing most spouses who divorce agree upon is that the process is seldom easy. Especially where child custody issues are concerned, various challenges may arise that require outside intervention to resolve. Many parents have faced such issues regarding their children’s schools; in particular, which parent is to be contacted if an emergency or particular problem arises?   

A parent who has sole custody of children (meaning, the parent with whom children live the majority of the time) typically has both physical and legal custody. Legal custody, which may be joint, pertains to court-given authority to have the final say in decisions regarding various important life issues that may affect children. Decisions involving medical care, faith-related matters and children’s education must be approved by the parent or parents with legal custody before any changes are made.

A parent can have legal custody without having primary physical custody. When a school administrator has need to speak with a parent regarding an important issue or urgent situation, he or she must be made aware of the proposed plan for which parent is to be called in urgent and/or important matters. Family courts are typically of the opinion that parents should share in the decision-making process for their children.

If you’re a Texas parent facing problems regarding child custody issues, you may contact Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates for guidance. We can clarify all state and federal laws regarding physical and legal custody, as well as any other issue concerning visitation or support. Your child’s best interests are obviously of paramount importance, and we are prepared to protect your rights and help solve any problems that arise.