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Is birdnesting a suitable option for parenting in joint custody?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2016 | Child Custody |

Divorcing parents in Texas will likely be aware of the many different ideas friends, family, online sources and more have about parenting time after a divorce. Joint custody is gaining the support of many, but people are often unsure of how to manage parenting time in a manner that would least affect the children. An option called “birdnesting” is considered by some, with mixed reports about the success of this method of parenting.

Birdnesting allows children the security and familiarity of remaining in the home with which they are familiar, while the parents travel back and forth between their respective new apartments or homes and the family home. The schedules can be arranged to suit the parents and can be split into days or weeks and weekends. This allows the children to remain in the same schools, maintain their current friendships and more. It may be a suitable arrangement for divorced parents who did not move into new relationships after divorce.

Birdnesting may provide children with comfort from knowing that, although their parents are no longer together, they are still a family. When amicable relationships exist between divorced parents, they may even be able to spend time together as a family. If not, there is no reason to be caught in uncomfortable situations because one parent can leave as soon as the other one arrives.

This type of arrangement in joint custody can also save costs, as parents will not need to each set up a home that will accommodate the children as well. Making the right choices is never easy, but if a Texas parent is fully informed of all the options and the pros and cons of each, he or she may be able to make informed decisions that will benefit all. A consultation with an experienced family law attorney may provide answers to the questions a parent has about child custody and parenting.

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