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Complex divorce of Paul Haggis and Deborah Rennard finalized

On Behalf of | May 11, 2016 | High Asset Divorce |

After an extensive legal battle, the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, Paul Haggis, and Texas actress Deborah Rennard can finally move forward with their lives. A settlement has been reached in this complex divorce. Haggis reportedly remarked that the divorce will have him writing more checks than screenplays.

Despite no longer being part of his life, Deborah will reportedly continue to share in his success. Now that their divorce is finalized, Haggis will be paying Rennard spousal support of $20,000 per month. He will also be responsible for the costs related to the education of their 17-year-old son. Along with high school and college fees, he will pay Deborah $5,000 per month for child support.

Furthermore, Paul Haggis will also have to share his income with his ex-wife. In addition to the monthly spousal support, he will pay Deborah 20 percent of any amount exceeding $1.2 million of his annual income. The specifics of this were not further reported, and it remains unclear whether a time limit was placed on this directive. His ex-wife will get one of the former couple’s New York City apartments. However, Paul will maintain ownership of the other one, along with three properties in Florida.

Although not all divorce cases are as complicated as this one, any high net worth couple can expect to have to navigate a complex divorce. This is not something to handle without the support and guidance of an experienced Texas divorce attorney. When divorcing spouses struggle to agree, a lawyer will protect a client throughout the legal proceedings. He or she will do whatever is reasonably necessary to preserve the client’s emotional and financial investments in the marriage, and minimize the impact on any children of the marriage.

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