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Support and preparation can benefit property division in divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2016 | Property Division |

Divorce is rarely easy, but proper preparation may make the process less traumatic. Once a Texas spouse has made up his or her mind to divorce, there may be questions about the type of proceeding to pursue. Divorce options include litigation, arbitration, mediation or a collaborative divorce, and the decision will likely depend on the nature of the relationship between the spouses at that time. Negotiations about issues such as property division and child custody may be easier achieved when the split is amicable, but impossible in cases in which there are high levels of contention.

Regardless of the type of divorce proceeding chosen, two elements in the preparation process are constant, namely the gathering of information and building a support team. Copies of tax returns and loan documents will be required, along with bank, credit card and retirement fund statements. Obtaining some information may be difficult in contentious situations, so gathering these before announcing the intention to file for divorce may be wise.

Regardless of how amicable a divorce is, things may be difficult at times, and having both legal and emotional support can help in getting through those patches. A support team can include trusted family and friends along with professionals, such as a family law attorney and a financial advisor. The size of the support team depends upon individual circumstances, but the focus is for everyone to be committed to providing the necessary emotional and practical support throughout the proceedings.

A divorce attorney is typically familiar with Texas family laws, including those related to property division and child custody. He or she can help the client decide which type of divorce proceedings may be appropriate to the circumstances. While not everyone will benefit from alternative dispute resolution options like mediation or a collaborative effort, all parties seeking a divorce are entitled to fair treatment so as to achieve a comprehensive and binding settlement.

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