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Mediation may simplify negotiations about child custody and more

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2015 | Child Custody |

Although divorce is the last thing anybody would wish to go through, some Texas couples decide to file for divorce as soon as a marital crack appears. With the many aspects that will need negotiation, such as child custody, parenting and visitation plans, and property division, it may be easier to achieve mutual agreements if communication channels are still open. However, some suggest that rushing into a divorce is not advised.

It may be a good idea to gain information about the divorce laws of the state. In some states, parents who are considering divorce may need to attend a co-parenting class, and there may be a mandatory waiting period from the date of separation until the divorce. It may be beneficial to be aware of the relevant legal requirements and proceedings before filing for divorce.

There is never a shortage of advice from friends and family, but as long as parents refrain from badmouthing each other and accept their individual mistakes that led to the imminent divorce, the process might be easier than anticipated. Many couples utilize the services of professional divorce mediators. A qualified third-party can facilitate negotiations between spouses — each with his or her attorney present to provide valuable input and ensure the legality of the final divorce agreement.

Consulting with an experienced divorce and child custody attorney may be the most appropriate first step to take. A lawyer can provide the necessary information related to Texas divorce laws and explain the proceedings that can be expected. With the combined support of an attorney and a mediator, parents can make sure that agreements reached are in the best interests of the children, while, at the same time, their own interests are also protected.

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