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Parents’ child custody plan may affect children emotionally

On Behalf of | May 26, 2015 | Child Custody |

Some of the most challenging decisions made in a Texas divorce may be decisions related to child custody. There are various schools of thought about the advantages and disadvantages of joint child custody. Splitting up a family is never easy, and both parents and children typically go through extended periods of adjustment. Regardless of how a chosen type of custody will impact on the lives of the parents, the ideal situation for the children and their individual needs must be the primary consideration.

A recent study in a health magazine reported that children of married couples have fewer health issues than those in broken homes. It is a known fact that some illnesses in children can be emotionally driven. Information obtained from the study revealed that a substantial percentage of children who live in circumstances in which only one parent plays a role suffered from more illnesses, including eating disorders, sleeping disorders and headaches.

Some people believe that children who have to move around between two homes and adjust to different sets of rules struggle to adapt. Nevertheless, studies show that children who have the support of both parents are healthier and better adjusted. If children who were used to having two parents suddenly lose the support of one parent, psychological consequences may be the result. Children who are residing with one parent may be hesitant to discuss a particular issue with that parent, but they may feel comfortable discussing it with the other parent. Joint child custody may offer a child that opportunity.

Parents in Texas who are considering divorce may be unsure about how to deal with child custody. This is an area that evokes a lot of emotion, and no one has to go through it alone. Experienced divorce attorneys who focus on child custody issues can provide support and guidance throughout the decision-making process. It may even be beneficial to utilize the services of a child custody mediator to ensure the interests of the children are considered.

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