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There are ways to avoid court dictation about child custody

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Child Custody |

Texas parents who have gone through divorce may agree that the whole process can be less traumatic if they can agree on matters such as child custody prior to going to court. Leaving the decisions related to child custody up to a judge could be devastating for parents and children. Although most parents wish to remain a part of the lives of their children, it is not uncommon for the spouses to have reached a stage where communication has broken down.

Rather than resorting to trial, couples may want to explore all other options, including seeking the assistance of a child custody attorney. Such a professional will inform the parents of their legal rights and take into account the goals of each party along with the child’s best interests. As part of their family law services, your attorney will likely offer you the options of mediation or collaborative law.

These options allow couples the opportunity to utilize the experience of objective third parties to facilitate meetings and guide them toward mutual agreements. Parenting plans will be drafted, taking into account the lifestyle of the family, along with the wishes of parents and children. Although most judges endeavor to allow both parents an active part of their children’s lives, they will likely split parenting 50/50 and possibly dictate a plan that suits none of the parties.

Texas couples that want to save themselves and their children from the trauma of litigation where one parent is often pitched against the other may benefit from a visit to our child custody website. With our assistance, couples may be able to reach agreements through communication and compromise. Minimizing the trauma commonly associated with child custody disputes may allow parents and children a smooth transition into their new lifestyles.

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