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Property division before the Texas holidays can mean less drama

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2014 | Property Division |

Being married during the holidays can be stressful enough when the marriage is in a good place. For those Texas residents who are staying in a marriage to get through the holidays, this time of year can be even more stressful. A recent report claims that being single through the holidays may be better than dealing with property division and other divorce matters.

One of the perks of being single during the holidays is that there is perhaps only one family to visit. Most married couples wind up making multiple sets of travel arrangements in order to see both sets of families during the holidays. Instead of having to make plans to see two families, a divorcee may only have to make half of the family rounds. They only have to see who they want to see.

Another perk of being single around the holidays is that nothing has to be done to make someone else happy. Buying gifts no longer means having to wonder if the spouse’s gift is good enough for the person. Plus, a divorcee no longer has to buy gifts for two sets of families.

Instead of focusing on any negatives that come with holiday marriage drama, someone who is divorced and single in Texas during the holidays can focus on the positives. Their holidays can be about their own personal satisfaction and making themselves happy. Getting the property division and divorce processes out of the way before the holidays may give an easier means to honestly enjoying the holiday time of year.

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