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A prenuptial agreement can make divorce easier in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Marriage can be one of the most fulfilling experiences that people enjoy. When that fulfillment begins to fade and one of the spouses begins to feel empty, a divorce may become the only option left for happiness. The divorce process can be overwhelming and stressful as well as possibly being somewhat confusing. Having a prenuptial agreement in the state of Texas can take some of these feelings away.

One woman was apparently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after her long-term marriage came to an end. During her marriage, her husband was diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, and for 14 years, the conflicts between herself and her husband made her miserable. The conflicts were supposedly constant and made her feel as if she was living inside a war zone and always waiting for the next issue to arise.

The woman reported that she did not have any significant amount of time between the outbursts to process or deal with what was happening. After the divorce was final, the ex-husband ended up taking over 85 percent of his income, leaving the woman to feed, house and clothe their two children on her own. She had to work multiple jobs at times, and if she had filed a prenuptial agreement before the marriage she may not have had to go through so much turmoil after they divorced.

Going through a divorce can be more stressful than people think. Without a prenuptial agreement, one may have to spend more time going through a divorce that is highly emotional instead of getting it over with and getting on with the acceptance and revitalization of the new life they have ahead. Texas couples that choose to get an agreement may be able to deal with monetary issues and property division during a divorce more easily than those who do not have a prenup.

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