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Prenuptial agreement advice: Don???t ignore signs of trouble

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

For many Texas couples, getting married is viewed as an ultimate end; the natural culmination of a serious relationship. In such cases, it can be easy to ignore signs that there may be problems within the relationship. For others, the decision to wed is based on family or social pressures. Some people simply believe that the difficulties experienced during the early stages of their relationship are normal, and will fade after marriage. In all of these cases, a prenuptial agreement is a wise precaution.

To be fair, there is no relationship or marriage that is without occasional contention. Arguments are a normal part of sharing one’s life with another human being. However, there is a point beyond which strife and contention are simply unhealthy. Understanding how to recognize that line in the sand can be difficult, especially when you truly care about your partner.

One sign that a relationship may be in trouble involves how much time a couple spends together. When the balance has tipped and both partners are happy to spend more time apart than together, there is often an underlying problem. The same goes for communication; couples who spend little time talking to each other about serious and in-depth topics are often headed for trouble. Another sign involves either partner giving serious thought to leaving the relationship.

Many Texas couples will experience these signs, but will make the decision to move forward and marry nonetheless. Love is a powerful force, and virtually everyone has been guilty of allowing their heart to overrule their head. However, savvy couples will take advantage of the protections offered by a prenuptial agreement before getting married. In the event that the relationship ends in divorce, this vital contract can help guide the process of dividing marital property.

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