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Even those who marry young should consider a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

It goes without saying that most people assume that divorce comes later in life than college, possibly even after graduate school. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and even those who marry young may have a significant amount of assets worth protecting. Some couples in Texas find that even when the couple is considering tying the knot at a young age, a prenuptial agreement is in both parties’ best interests.

As a rule of thumb, the country is seeing more prenuptial agreements than ever before. Even young couple entering into matrimony have assets they want and need to protect. Those who go to college are normally done by age 22 or 23, unless they immediately go on to graduate school, so after just a few years in the working world, many of them may have amassed a sizable bank account that they want to protect. Drawing up a proper agreement can help them avoid losing those fortunes should the marriage end in divorce.

There are more and more examples of couples divorcing before they reach the age of 30. One woman discussed in a recent report the fact that divorcing at a young age initially caused her to feel some qualms. Eventually, however, she was able to work past those negative emotions and went on to enter a relationship that seemed a better fit for her. She talked about the fact she learned that few things in life last forever, and having hope and humor can help a person move forward after divorce.

Taking the time to process the feelings that accompany a divorce, no matter what age a person might be when it occurs, can be beneficial, and attempting to keep a sense of humor can also help. Naturally, too, if there are fortunes or property to protect, it may be advisable to take the time to draw up a legal and binding prenuptial agreement. Even in cases where that isn’t the case, setting clear expectations can help with marital communication. It can simplify the process for Texas residents in the long run.

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