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Lessons to learn before a high net worth divorce or otherwise.

Happiness is something that comes from within. Surrounding one's self with happiness does not always ensure that he or she will be happy. Texas residents deserve to be truly happy regardless of marriage status. In a relationship where one person is not truly happy, a high net worth divorce can wind up being the outcome.

Some people might venture to say that a marriage is about making the other person happy and doing for the other person in the relationship. That is not always the case. Marriage is a two-way street and each spouse must put into the marriage equally to make it work. When one person puts in more than the other, the relationship then becomes one-sided and can sometimes cause resentment.

The relationship must be mutually beneficial so that each person feels the want and need to stay. Each spouse must be who they are inside the marriage; they should not try to continually make others happy when they are not happy. People must usually be happy with themselves before anyone else can bring happiness to them.

When a marriage comes to an inevitable end, divorce may be the only option toward taking the steps to make each person happier. Not every marriage is permanent, and staying in a relationship where one person is giving and one person is taking can be emotionally hazardous to the one doing all the giving. Married couples in Texas should not feel the need to stay together if there is no longer any equality in the marriage. Even a high net worth divorce is better than staying in an unhappy relationship.

Source: Huffington Post, 5 Lessons I Learned From My Divorce (And Why Seth Adam Smith's Advice In 'Marriage Isn't for You' Doesn't Work), Peggy Nolan, Nov. 15, 2013

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