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Getting along after a high net worth divorce in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

Now that all of the court dates are done and all of the paperwork is signed, what happens next is entirely up to the couple. Going through a high net worth divorce with children will often have two goals: asset division and a parenting agreement. Both of these issues can be emotionally charged and can leave both parties feeling drained and perhaps even a bit resentful. Putting aside any negative feelings may be a challenge for some Texas parents.

Focusing on what the children need and want will often help. Many parents make a conscious decision to put aside any ill feelings in order to ensure that the divorce transition is a smooth one has gotten many parents through those first few weeks or months. After a bad encounter with a new ex-spouse, going home to one’s own bed can be all the medicine needed. The knowledge that neither spouse has to put up with the behavior of the other for very long can be soothing.

Of course, the problem is that both parties know exactly how to irritate the other. Toward the end of many marriages, it becomes an art form. Sometimes, it’s not easy to put that knowledge away and get along, but it can be done.

For many Texas couples going through a high net worth divorce, learning to do that starts during the divorce process. Making a conscious effort to work together and come to an agreement that is mutually agreed to and satisfying can go a long way toward helping the parties move on from the problems of their marriage. As the old saying goes, “you attract more flies with honey…” No one expects a couple going through a divorce to be the best of friends, but being civil to each other is a good start.

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