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The attorneys and staff at Warmbrodt, Winslow and Associates were professional, went above and beyond what I ever expected or hoped to find in an attorney, were insightful and really helpful. They were always available to answer any questions I had. They truly cared about my case and me. They went out of their way more times than I can count in order to make sure to handle things in a timely and orderly manner on my behalf. I would recommend this firm to a neighbor, a friend, an acquaintance, a family member -- anyone.

-Ashley R.

When we met with Mr. Warmbrodt he instantly put me at ease with his breadth of knowledge, calm demeanor and no nonsense delivery of information. We discussed what our goals were, what was realistic and what the process would be like. The entire firm was always helpful and responsive when we had questions and didn't ever take action without discussing the pros/cons of doing anything. Ultimately we got the outcome we discussed when we started and we couldn't be happier.

-Lucas Figg

Stop looking and hire this firm right away. Mr. Warmbrodt and his staff will fight for you nonstop, until the very end. While they assisted my sister in a highly contested divorce case, Mr. Warmbrodt's knowledge and expertise calmed our nerves and handled everything for her. Mr. Warmbrodt even gave my sister his cell phone number and worked for her around the clock! The staff is very knowledgeable and even helped my sister do a Will at the end of her divorce case. They are the best in the area!

-Miles Smith

Mr. Warmbrodt is extremely knowledgable and well versed in family law. This became very evident when my ex husband hired a flat fee attorney a few years fresh out of law school. Mr Warmbrodt has been very patient with me and his staff is amazing. We have had to jump through outrageous hoops because of my ex husband and Mr. Warmbrodt has done so with professionalism and efficiency every time. He is the only attorney I would trust with family matters moving forward.

-Jessica Kirkham

Mr. Randall Warmbrodt and Ms. Chandler Winslow was instrumental in helping my family with a difficult child custody battle. They were highly skilled in the law and very caring and personable. As a result my daughter and son in law were successfully released from any allegations that were brought against them. Seeing the hurt and pain that they were in, hurt me as I had to watch them walk through this very difficult time. Mr. Warmbrodt and Ms. Winslow conducted themselves in such a professional manner. They gave me the confidence that I needed to know that they were doing everything with in their power to help return our grand children to my daughter. Each time I would bring up a point for my daughter to bring to the attention of their attorneys and she would say they are already on it. Their attorneys were able to calm my fears and they won the case. I cant thank Mr. Warmbrodt and Ms. Winslow enough for returning my grand children back to their family.

-Laurie Virgin

Excellent and detailed service. We called Mr. Warmbrodt's office a few days before Christmas and they were willing to take on our case before the holidays. They were fast and very efficient. They did not miss one thing that involved our case. We won our case and were so happy that our family was reunited. We will be using Mr. Warmbrodt's firm for all of our family law needs. I can't even say enough about how much experience they brought to the table. Thank you so much!

-William Snyder

Lawyer who fights for you

We family will be forever grateful for the time and attention that Randy and his team has put into our legal needs. We've had the pleasure of working with Randy, Chandler, Todd, Amy, Kellie - they are all wonderful! They have been so patient and understanding through each step of the way. They take time to make sure that we understand exactly what is going on in every step of the process, making sure that we understand exactly what we are signing before we sign it. Anytime you deal with the court system, ex-spouses, child support, it is overwhelming, scary and just plain frustrating. However, the team at Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates has made us feel supported and very safe in their hands. We came to them not having any idea where to start in our difficulties and they immediately jumped into action and have not stopped caring for us since. We greatly appreciate their flexibility and quick turnaround. If you are looking for a law firm that is well-versed in family law and will fight for you, all the while being compassionate and caring for their clients, then our family highly recommends this team.


Incredibly Experienced, Wise and Personable

We hired Mr. Randall Warmbrodt recently and were so grateful we did. Our family was in the midst of a very tough and devastating situation regarding the custody of our children. When searching for an Attorney I had consulted with a few others and were so disappointed by how apathetic and careless they seemed, but that was not the case at all with Warmbrodt and Associates. Once we consulted and hired Mr. Warmbrodt we were immediately relieved due to his extensive experience, wisdom and efficiency. His whole firm treated us like family and truly took on our cause as if it was their own kids involved. We appreciated the open communication with every step and how organized and on top of everything they were. Mr. Warmbrodt was always one step ahead of the process. Our situation ended up going to trial, and at the trial i was in awe watching Mr. Warmbrodt and his Associate. It was obvious he had been doing this for a long time. He truly has a gift. Throughout the whole process my husband and I constantly repeated to one another how thankful we were for Mr. Warmbrodt and his Associates, we are forever thankful for the success that Mr. Warmbrodt brought for our family and the reuniting of our kids. I would recommend Warmbrodt and Associates to anyone and everyone!!!


The best choice for Non-Parent Custody

I am very confident in knowing I made the best decison for my non-parent custody suit by hiring Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm. I called in and he called me back to do a consultation that day. In the midst of difficult decisions he was instrumental in many ways that helped my case by:

  1. Being accurate and speedy when dealing with all issues.
  2. Assisting me on understand policy and procedures when dealing with CPS.
  3. helping educate me how to protect the children involved when complicated family matters arose.
  4. Caring about the needs of the children and what he could do to keep them in a safe and healthy environment.

Randall Warmbrodt and his entire staff were organized, timely, and very knowledgeable and professional every step of the way. If I had any choice available in regards to custody issues, I would highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm.



I had a fantastic experience with Warmbrodt & Associates. From the first face to face meeting with Mr. Warmbrodt, to working with his paralegal, to filing the paperwork, to finalizing everything with the court, they always handled things in a quick and professional manner. It was very refreshing to be treated so well and they truly understood and respected the situation I was in and how quickly I wanted things done. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you Mr. Warmbrodt and staff for being so professional, helpful and easy to work with!


I retained the professional law services of Mr. Randall Warmbrodt when I filed for divorce in December 2007. My divorce has been very involved with multiple issues that ultimately went all the way to trial. I was very impressed with the way his entire firm handled my case from start to finish. Before motions were filed or papers were sent, the firm contacted me for my approval and always asked how I wanted to proceed. There were times that I had to speak with Mr. Warmbrodt on Saturdays because various issues arose, and each time he made himself available to answer all of my questions. Every staff member was patient, respectful, and cooperative during this most difficult time in my life. There were times I received paper work that I did not understand, and each time one of his staff, or Mr. Warmbrodt, would personally call me to explain it in layman's terms so that it made sense. Going through a divorce is not something I planned, for nor ever imagined I would be doing, but I am thankful I chose Mr. Warmbrodt to represent me because I was confident in his knowledge of the facts of my case and in his knowledge in family law. Mr. Warmbrodt walked me through the hearings and trial before hand so I knew what to expect, which helped alleviate stress for me. He even took the time to show me the court room, where he would be sitting, where I would be sitting, and where the Judge would be. Days before my trial date, his office moved locations. His staff ensured every document needed for my trial was well preserved and ready to go for trial on Monday. I appreciated the care given to my specific case. Mr. Warmbrodt spent hours working late, weekends, and many days preparing before hearings and trial. I was always impressed with the time spent on my case. Mr. Warmbrodt is more than just your typical divorce attorney. Mr. Warmbrodt is a professional attorney whose work ethic is to be admired and his client is more than just a number. He genuinely cares about his client and wants what is best for them. His attention to detail and drive to make sure it is done right is exactly what I was looking for in an attorney. The entire staff follows with his philosophy as well. I would highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and Associates to any person going through a major life transition, such as divorce.

-Christi P.

When it comes to divorce and other family law matters, a good lawyer is not enough. You also need that lawyer to be the right person to handle your case. A lawyer with not only the legal knowledge and expertise but with the kindness, concern, compassion and thoughtfulness to help you deal with the one of the most difficult, trying and emotionally charged experiences of your life. Randall Warmbrodt is such a lawyer.

I remember the day so clearly when I walked into Randall Warmbrodt's office. I had been searching for a very good attorney who would listen and work with me and my wishes. I knew my divorce case would be a difficult one and I felt so confident after leaving Randall's office that the search was over and I would be represented well.

In my moment of turmoil and despair, Randall listened to me and provided not only sound legal advice but also the hope and support of someone who sincerely cares for you. It is good to know that you can count on someone like Attorney Randall Warmbrodt that will stand by your side as your lawyer and as a friend.

Randall was with me step by step the whole way through my divorce and even after. What was one of the worst times in my life became a positive one. Looking back at the experience, I know I could not have done it without Randall and his staff!

-Tonya B.

Mr. Warmbrodt is the best.

He is knowledgeable in Family Law, understanding, and what is most important is that he cares about his clients. In my child support case, he got me every penny that my son deserves. I would recommend Mr. Warmbrodt to any person who needs a good attorney.

-Natalya K.

Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates handled my child custody case. Upon my initial meeting with Mr. Warmbrodt it was very obvious that he was very knowledgeable of- and had a great deal of experience- in handling family law cases. He took the time to listen to and address all of my concerns. The entire staff was very professional and responsive to my case. Due to Mr. Warmbrodt's handling of my case, it was completed very quickly & fairly, avoiding lots of costly expenses that could have easily been incurred. My thanks to Mr. Warmbrodt and his staff for all of their help.

-Jon H.

Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates handled our case with the utmost caring and professionalism. My wife and I had some difficult family law issues that needed resolving. Mr Warmbrodt listened to us and developed an ideal solution because of his thorough knowledge of family law and the court system. He also was extremely careful to seek mutual agreement to the solution prior to going forward with the case. He and his staff were prompt with actions and always kept us informed with status updates. We were able to resolve all our complex legal issues without having to sacrifice our summer vacation fund.

If you're looking for a shark to ruin your spouse's life you may want to look elsewhere, if you're looking to equitably resolve complex issues with a lawyer whose behavior is peculiarly human, then please use Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates.

-Tony and Karen in Plano

Unfortunately, looking for a family law attorney isn't something any of us want to do but when you need one, you need someone with experience and someone you can trust. Randy Warmbrodt is someone you can trust. At first, I didn't want to follow all of his advice but as time went on, I realized he knew a LOT more about a divorce than I did. Randy knows what he's talking about and he's seen it all. If you need an attorney to help you through probably the worst time of your life, please give Randy a call.

It was a pleasure working with Randy and his team, especially his paralegal Amy! I thank them all!

-John Hawkins

I found Randy Warmbrodt during one of the worst times in my life. I was already 6 weeks into a difficult divorce and had already had a terrible experience with a different attorney. Randy met with me for my initial consultation within just a few hours of my first call to him. I finally felt like I had someone on my side. His extensive experience in family law brought me great comfort at a time when everything was changing. I knew that he would make sure that my son and I got exactly what we needed. My case was very difficult, but Randy handled it with no problems whatsoever. It was nice to be able to start my new life with Randy in my corner.


After interviewing two other attorneys, I selected Mr. Warmbrodt to represent me during my divorce. Throughout the entire process, he treated me courteously and with respect. From the outset, he was very realistic with me regarding likely events and outcomes. He also took the time to learn my style so that meetings and decisions were timely and efficient. What really made this experience as pleasant as it possibly could have been was Mr. Warmbrodt's staff. Ashley was the paralegal on my case, and she was and is a gem. Always congenial and prompt, Ashley kept me well informed and was never too busy to attend to me. My experience with Mr. Warmbrodt and Ashley was so good that I've now recommended two acquaintances to him as well.

Contrary to some other comments I read in these reviews, Mr. Warmbrodt asked me about every expensive action prior to taking it, and in the end every one of those actions was *my* decision. The only expense he underestimated was the Social Worker's Notebook (my case involved a Social Study). The rest of them were spot-on and cleared by me. The point here is that he always gave me options and likely outcomes, but left the final decision to me.

I strongly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm to anyone in the Dallas/Collin/Tarrant county area in need of family law advise and/or representation.


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