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A complex divorce can bring out the worst in Texas residents

Many Texas couples build their lives and wealth as a team. Working together, they find a need in a market and work tireless hours to turn an idea into a tangible product. Building the dream and the financial empire can take years and sometimes an emotional toll on couples. Some fair better than others, and the relationship deepens and the respect and love grow along with the business. In some cases, as such with a couple who is filing for divorce after 67 years of marriage, overtime, the relationship breaks down and the marriage dissolves, leaving attorneys to manage the complex divorce.

Joint custody in Texas helps kids feel secure after a divorce

Making the decision to follow through with a divorce in Texas can be stressful on the adults in the dissolving marriage. When children are involved, the feelings can range from guilt to regret, to anger and hatred and everything in between. Parents can intentionally decide to make the divorce much easier on the kids by looking at the idea of co-parenting with joint custody. This decision can have lasting positive effects on the children and create a family bound that isn't tarnished with accusations and inappropriate tactics.

Co-parenting can blur child custody boundaries for Texas parents

Divorce can be a complete and total separation from an ex-spouse's life. For those couples who have children, however, that separation never truly comes unless one parent chooses to leave the child's life. For those adults who choose to remain in the child's life, the process of setting up and enforcing child custody arrangements can be a contentious spot within the divorce, creating a divide between parents and possibly between parents and kids. Many Texas residents are utilizing co-parenting as a means to keep a feeling of family intact for their kids. For adults who have a narcissistic ex-partner, co-parenting can be more of the same brutal torture that was endured during the once blissful marriage.

Child custody in Texas doesn't have to alienate a parent

When a Texas marriage dissolves, the life that once was is often broken apart, and piece by piece, divided and made into something that the now single ex-spouse can use towards making a new life. With material things, this is sometimes the easiest part. When children are involved and child custody cannot be worked out between the two parents, the stakes are higher and the tactics can sometimes be down right vicious. As of late, a new trend is coming to light that has recently divorced and now single parents very worried.

Child custody in Texas can work when parents work together

The breakdown of a marriage is difficult for adults and even more so for children. Texas parents worry about how things will be split equally, and the little ones are left to wonder when things will be like they used to. The separation of a family can be devastating, but parents can work together to come up with a child custody agreement that works for them and allows the children equal access to both parents.

Texas Infowars child custody battle rages on

The dissolution of a marriage can be taxing at best, but when children are involved, the situation can be an emotional roller coaster that doesn't seem to have a brake. Some Texas parents will, in extreme cases, use the children to inflict hurt and guilt on the other parent, causing a significant rift in the family dynamic that leaves ripples for miles. The anger and hurt can build up, and the children witnessing these emotional ploys are left to wonder where they really stand. Child custody can be a mud-slinging circus or a smooth transition when families work together and keep the kids best interests at heart.

Texas child custody orders must be respected

When a Texas marriage ends, kids are often left in the uncertain clutches of a child custody dispute. In some cases, adults are able to mutually work out a schedule that fits the needs of each party involved and allows for the children to have access and spend time with both mom and dad. In some cases, one parent may not be mentally, financially or physically able to care for or attend to the needs of his or her kids. In extreme cases, a parent who has been found unfit to remain as a positive figure in their children's lives may have his or her child custody rights taken away or significantly limited.

Proposed bill could affect child custody laws in Texas

Throughout the country, divorce is a reality that many families must face. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is dealing with child custody. While every situation is different, it is not uncommon for one parent to be granted more time with the children than the other parent. However, a new Texas bill is looking to change that by insuring both parents receive equal time with their children.

When child custody issues arise at school

Although every Texas family is different, one thing most spouses who divorce agree upon is that the process is seldom easy. Especially where child custody issues are concerned, various challenges may arise that require outside intervention to resolve. Many parents have faced such issues regarding their children's schools; in particular, which parent is to be contacted if an emergency or particular problem arises?   

Robin Thicke adamantly denies allegations in child custody battle

Several Hollywood stars unexpectedly died during the recent holiday season, including former comic actor, Alan Thicke. His son, Robin, now says his former wife's recent allegations stem from her anger after not being invited to the elder Thicke's funeral. Paula Patton has accused Thicke of abusing their 6-year-old son and has requested modifications to the existing child custody order. Some Texas parents may relate to this embittered situation.

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